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 ..Knight.. Awaiting Test Play

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Knight - Awaiting Test Play

Renowned warrior of the kingdom, defender of the weak, guardian of the king’s laws.

The knighthood is considered one of the kingdoms oldest organisations, its noble traditions passed down through the centuries. Many of toady’s knights can trace their bloodline back to its founding.
The noble houses have long had connections with the knighthood, their first born sons are often pressed into service along with a generous donation. This gives the air of elitism with in its ranks. It is rare for those of low birth to progress with in the ranks of the knighthood or indeed even succeed in entering in the first place.

The knight holds personal honour above all things; with out his honour the knight is no better than your common warrior and they know it. Striving always to greater glory the knight is the first onto the field of battle and is always the last to leave.
An aspirant starts his training as a squire working towards winning his spurs and attaining a knighthood. Strict adherence to the knight’s code is a requirement of an aspiring knight.
The knight’s code
Defend the weak
Cowardice is forbidden
Uphold the law of the land
Show mercy
Respect all authority
Honour is everything

Starting Kit
Short Weapon Use
Leather Armour

Must Tithe 10% of Income to Superiors until knighted

Once Knighted
Given a long sword, shield and Jurisdiction skill

Primary Skills Available
Long Weapon use (1)
Recognise Evil (1)
Shield Use (1)
Recognise Wounds (1)
Rec Undead (3)
Rec Demon (3)
Bind Wounds (2)
Polearm Weapon Use (3)
Dexterity Training (5)
Fitness Training (5)
Strength Training (5)
Weapon Mastery (5)*

Secondary Skills Available
Defies (2)* or Cause Fear (2)*
Either Handed Weapon Use (3) or Double Handed Weapon Use (2)
Disarm (4)* or Parry (5)*
Long Weapons Mastery (7) or Short Weapons Mastery (7)
Dexterity Mastery (8 ) or Fitness Mastery (8 )
Strike Mighty Blow (8 )* or Strength Mastery (8 )
Stubborn Determination (6) or Pure Thoughts* (8 )

Knight only skills (once you have been knighted)
Discern Lie (1)*
Final Stand (3)
Merciful (4)
Recognise Threat (5)
Avengers Shield (6)*

# Short Weapons Mastery – You are now able to do +1 damage with anything considered a “short weapon”.

# Long Weapon Mastery – You are now able to do +1 damage with anything considered to be a “long weapon”.

# Disarm – You may force you opponent to drop their weapon when you use this ability (to activate this ability, you must hit their weapon) (this can be bought multiple times).

# Parry - If during combat you miss blocking a weapon and are hit you may call "Parry" and ignore the damage just dealt, just as if you had parried. You must be facing the opponent who dealt the damage and if the damage call had an effect such as "Crush, Shatter or Warpwood" that could have affected your weapon then this still counts. (This can be bought multiple times).

# Final Stand – This ability can be activated once per adventure. Once used, the player may not leave the immediate area (this is defined at the referee’s discretion). All damage is applied at the end of the encounter, not immediately. The player must keep count of how many points of damage they have taken as it is likely that the player could drop dead that the end of the encounter if they are not careful.

# Discern Lie – Each use of this ability allows the character to clarify a lie to a yes/no question and must be used immediately after the original question has been asked (only the character using this ability will know the answer). (This can be bought multiple times).

# Jurisdiction – The character has the power of Judge, Jury and sometimes Executioner bestowed upon him. They are expected to uphold laws within the king’s land and be fair in their judgements. Their actions and judgements can change other people’s views of themselves, the church and the king if they abuse this power (referee’s can give advice on certain courses of action).

# Cause Fear – The target of this ability must run away from the user or stay at least 30 paces away from at least 30seconds (mind affecting). (This can be bought multiple times).

# Merciful – The player may now opt to do sub-duel damage instead of normal damage. This is most often used when attempting to capture someone alive, avoid killing innocents or merely shutting up annoying party members. The call of “Sub-Duel” must be used for this to take effect.

# Strike Mighty Blow – The player may either call “Strikedown” or “Destroy Shield” with each use of this ability. (This can be bought multiple times).

# Avengers Shield - Attacking a Knight is a dangerous thing to do normally but even more so with ability. You can now call "Retriburtion" when damaged by an enemy. When the Knight is struck and uses this ability, the attacker receives the same amount of damage on the same location. This only works upon the first strike, to do it again requires another use of the ablity. Unlike normal Retribution this does include ‘special’ calls, like Poison, Through etc. Can be used against attacks the Knight is not aware of...so assassins beware! (This can be bought multiple times – three maximum).

# Stubborn Determination – You gain +1 life point and are immune to Fear effects.

# Pure Thoughts – Mind affecting spells, abilities and other effects that would cause the Knight to act against his Knightly Code have no effect on this character. This also provides some resistance against other mind affecting spells, abilities and effects (at the referee’s discretion).

# Innate Defy – The character now gains one defy. (This can be bought multiple times).

# Recognise Threat - With this skill you may find out who/what is the biggest threat in an encounter. You must declare this ability and then the referee will inform you of what you know. The only information you can be told is who/ what is the threat, whether the threat is magical or physical and how powerful the threat is. Other information is give as the referee decides.
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..Knight.. Awaiting Test Play
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