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PostSubject: "Calls List"   "Calls List" Icon_minitimeMon Oct 26, 2009 1:46 pm

Damage and other important calls

MAN DOWN - Most important call of all, used if someone has been injured. All players most stop and clear the area for first aiders to attend downed player.

TIME FREEZE - Used to set the scene, give information or explain spell/trap effects. When called all action must stop until TIME IN is called.

SINGLE, DOUBLE, TRIPLE... - The amount of damage when hit by weapons, spells or traps. Damage is taken from armour and other defenses first before being applied to floating hits then actual hit points.

THROUGH - This ignores armour and does damage directly to the player. Magical armour from spells and such absorb that amount from the damge and any remaining is through damage.

EXAMPLE - Player has magic plates (2 magical armour) and is hit for TRIPLE THROUGH, the first 2 points are absorbed by the plates and the remaining damage is now SINGLE THROUGH.

MAGIC - The damage is magical and can affect certain creatures, bypass defenses and have other effects depending on the situation.

CRUSH - Each strike from this call will destroy armour and smash bone reducing the location to 0, be it armour or hit points. This is done in stages, armour first. Layered armour needs to be gone through one at a time, then hit points. Once at 0 hit points the next hit will take the location to -4. If hit again on a location at -4 the location is considered destroyed, head, chest or back locations struck cause instant death. Shields, unless Magical or Master Crafted will be destroyed from one hit and cannot be repaired.

EXAMPLE - Player has magic plates, studded and leather armour plus 1 hit point on all locations. He takes a crush to the chest - this destroys the plates. Another strike to the chest destroys his studded leather armour, another removes his leather armour, the next hit will drop him to 0 and render him unconcious. Struck again would take him to -4 and one more would kill him instantly. If the same had happened to a limb he would need a regeneration spell to recover it.

STRIKEDOWN - If hit the player must fall to the floor and take a few seconds to get back up. Parrying with a weapon or shield still counts as being hit but you suffer no damage. FAST REACTIONS can be used to counter the STRIKEDOWN without calling TIME FREEZE, the player merely calls FAST REACTIONS in response to the STRIKEDOWN.

DESTROY SHIELD - Any non-Magical or non-Master Crafted shield hit by this call is instantly destroyed, though it can be repaired by skills or magic.

DISARM - This call can only be used if hitting a weapon or an object being held by someone. The target must be dropped to the floor. FAST REACTIONS can be used to counter the call same as under the rules for STRIKEDOWN. Will not work on shields.

POISON - This call only takes affect if you are actually wounded by a weapon, armour damage doesnt count. Bare in mind that you can be poisoned through other means such as eating/drinking and environmental effects. Poisons are slow acting, taking a variable number of encounters to take effect. These effects vary greatly depend on what you afflicted wth. Some drain life points, others cause damage, loss of power points or even skills. TOXIN RESISTANCE helps slow the onset of the poison.

VENOM - The more deadly version of poison. These calls take effect immediatly, which can mean life or death depending on the type. The standard call of VENOM will mean you have 1 minute to live, you are rendered unconcious instantly and will need either a REMOVE VENOM spell or an ANTI-TOXIN potion to save your life. Other types of venom can be SLEEP, PARALYSIS, CRIPPLE and many more. TOXIN RESISTANCE delays the venom for 30 seconds, after which you suffer the affect as per normal rules.

BLUNT/SHARP - While rarely used sometimes these calls are needed. Such as for archers against certain undead, using weapons with enchantments or under illusion spells.

HOLY/UNHOLY - Weapons with this ability cause extra damage based on the individuals alignment. To take extra damage they must be at least +/-4 for players or classed as true evil/good for monsters. The extra damage is not included in the call and is only taken if the requirements are met.

EXAMPLE - Player with -5 evil and another with -2 evil are attacked by a Templar doing HOLY TRIPLE. During the fight they both take damage, the -2 player takes only TRIPLE whereas the -5 player takes FIVE damage. The same would apply if the palyers were good and attacked by someone using UNHOLY.

DISMISS - This call has no effect on anything but Undead and Demons. The number used with this call is the amount of Dismiss's that the target creature takes. One they have run out of Dismiss's they are banished. (destroyed for Undead and removed from the plane for Demons)

SUBDUE - Using this call makes your damage non-leathal. You must still get through the armour and reduce the hitpoints on a location to 0 but the damage will recover at the rate of 1 hit point a minute.. Limbs taken to 0 are stunned for 1 minute while head and torso taken to 0 will render the target unconcious for 1 minute. The target lose's 1 life point each time they are rendered unconcious or a limb is stunned.

FATAL - This call will drop any location it wounds to -4 instantly. If the location is struck again it is considered destroyed under same rules as CRUSH. Most often used by assassins and when combined with THROUGH its is often the end of an adventurers career.

VORPAL - By far the most deadliest call you will ever hear, and probably your last unless you are very lucky. Any location hit, no matter the hit points, is automatically severed from the body, unless the chest or back is hit in which case instant death. This call bypass's ALL armour, magical or other wise. The only known defense is to not get hit. The only weapon known to do this call was the Dagger of Vindictus, personal weapon of the Demon Lord himself. Thankfully it was banished along with the Demon Lord...

Common spell calls

TOUCH/RANGED/MASS/OTHER - These are most likely used when spellcasting, TOUCH calls require touching the target (duh!) this can be by hands, weapons or other contact. RANGED is used for distance spell attacks, most have a maximum range of 10 paces but can be more. If there isn issue with range then get a DM to check. MASS affects all in the encounter as a rule, there are exceptions for some spells which target just enemys or allies. OTHER is used denote that the spell can be used on someone other than the caster. Some spells can be cast with all 4 of these calls.

STUMBLE - This spell causes the MOVING target to fall over. The target must fall over, but may get up again immediately afterwards

SHATTER - If cast on a non-magical metal or glass item it is broken and made unusable. Anything over the size of a two handed weapon has a reduced effect. If used on metal armour, this causes 1 point of damage to the chest location unless the catser has projectile mastery. Its effect on rock is variable depending on the toughness and size.

DROP - An item has to be nominated when using this call. The nominated item being held by the target must be dropped to the floor. Is a mind affecting spell so will not work on undead.(or really thick players). FAST REACTIONS can be used to counter the call same as under the rules for STRIKEDOWN.

FREEZE - The target of this call must stand completely immobile for 10 seconds. If shaken or hit, the target is free to act as normal.

DART/MISSILE/BOLT/BLAST/IMPLOSION - These calls are used when casting direct damage spells. There is a description and damage that go with this call as well. The description can be MAGIC, DARK, WIND, ICE, ACID and so on, these are merely an aid to let the player know what is being used but can also help if they have defeces against a certian type of attack. A mage who has PROTECTON FROM ELEMENTS - FIRE spell active would take no damage from FIRE DART 2 and so on. The damage called is just what it says...damage.

WARPWOOD - This call will cause any non-magical piece of wood to warp and bend until the object is no longer useable for its original purpose. Doors, chests and other large wooden objects may need more than one spell/attact to totally affect them.

DRAIN LIFE - The target of this call loses a life point, the first such life drain is undetectable unless it brings them to such a point they suffer penaltys from life loss. Only the first life drain is undetectable, regardless how it happens another drain life even from another source will be felt by the player.

FEAR - The target of the call must run away for a total of thirty seconds, staying at least 30 paces away from the source of the call. If followed they must keep moving away. If cornered and unable to get away they will only be able huddle in fear until the effect wears off. Ham acting is always appreciated.

PAIN - The LIVING victim is filled with an intense pain for thirty seconds. The victim may do nothing other than lie on the floor screaming and defend themselves. Ham acting is always appreciated.

PARALYSIS - The victim of this call may do nothing other than breathe and stand completely immobile / rigid for 30 seconds. Yes...you can put them in funny postions.

JUMP - This call makes the target leap up to ten paces in one direction and they must land facing the same way they jumped. This is done in time and while jumping they can only be affected by spells or missile attacks.

CHOKE - This cause the player to cough and splutter uncontrolably for 30 seconds, they can still fight but spell casting and talking is practically impossible.

BLINDNESS - The target of this call is struck blind for the next three minutes. They are incapable of seeing, and should shut their eyes, and only open their eyes for reasons of safety. Everybody else should take care around a person with closed eyes.

IGNITE - Any flammable object affected by this call will start to burn. If this is a person, then the target must put out the fire or take 1 point of damage to that location every 10 seconds until they put of the flames. (Drop and Roll time people!)

There are many more calls/spells that people are not sure of so if you need clarification send a message and we'll post them up.
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"Calls List"
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