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 Plant Life on the world of Prime.

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PostSubject: Plant Life on the world of Prime.   Plant Life on the world of Prime. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 12:41 pm

Not just your standard pansy's

Ironwood Tree - Any wooden weapon made from this tree suffers no affect against spells/effects that affect wood i.e Warp wood, Dry wood and the like. However it can be shattered like metal though not heated. Uncommon though found in greater numbers in the high hills.

Moonberry Bush - The pricipal component in spirit potions, eating the berrys will restore a life point. Common but most are carefully guarded or in hidden nurserys though some wild bush's can be found.

Eldiwens Touch - These flowers are used to create bandages as in small doses, the petals can help stop bleeding. However larger doses have the opposite effect and cause massive bleeding. Common but most are carefully guarded or in hidden nurserys though some wild flower's can be found.

Sunberry Bush - The pricipal component in healing potions, eating the berrys will restore a hit point and stop any bleeding to the most injured location first. Common but most are carefully guarded or in hidden nurserys though some wild bush's can be found.

Razor Needles - The thorns of this uncommon bush slice through armour and flesh with great ease before causing agonising pain in the foolish person close enough.

Sunstorm Tree - The wood from this tree can be used to create weapons that cause a single dismiss against undead enemys in addition to normal damage. Rare and only found near the sea on cliff edges.

Vampires Kiss Bush - Anyone touching this bush will be drained of a life point each time. The bush can "move" it branches towards living targets but only slowly. Common to Eldred after the Undead War though the church of Morden try to destroy any they come across.

Mordens Honour Tree - Any wooden weapons fasioned from this tree do an extra point of damage to undead. Rare and highly prized by Mordens followers, found often in the deep forests of Eldred.

Spiders Haven Bush - Anyone who touchs this brush will be poisened (Rank 1), Drow seem to be immune to this for some reason. Common after the Demon War when the drow planted many of these bushes around Esckar, they have since florished around most of Eldred.

Sonostra's Blessing Bush - The leaves from this plant when eaten give back power points, one per leaf. Mages prize these plants and make power potions from them. Uncommon and jealously guarded, the mages guild pays well for the location of such plants and teams are regularly seen scouring the mountains for them.

Tybalts Tempest Tree - Sentient trees that are revered by Druids and Wood Elves. They are found tending to an area that has been damaged somehow and once restored to normal they somehow leave to find a new area to care for. They use Nature spells to restore the land and defend it, some witness's have described powers in league with high ranking Mage guild members. Very Rare, you never know where you will find one.

Avandriels Spear Tree - Resembling reeds these trees are often ignored though any archers who know what to look for prize these above all else as any arrows made from them cause an additional point of damage. Found in marsh and swamp areas in small clumps of only a couple of trees these are a rare find.

Blood Flower - These small and rather beuatiful flowers cause an uncontrolable rage in anyone touching them. While the rage only lasts 20 seconds it causes a few problems. Common in Highmar with more sightings in Eldred being reported.

Giants Anger - The thorns of this weed like plant are used to make stength potions and people who prick them selves with these thorns can gain +1 damage for 1 encounter but suffer agonising pain for the entire next enconuter and this will make the thorn useless. Uncommon in most parts of the world.

White Death - This rose found only in the Frozen north can shatter metal, cripple a persons hand and even freeze them solid with a mere touch. If carefully collected and then ground it can be made into potions of frost resistance, which have saved many a life in the Withering. Rare and only in the Withering.

Speed Moss - A curious moss that stays dormant for sometimes years at a time then will have an amzing growth burst in a matter of minutes. Eating some of this in its dormant state grants people with Haste for 1 encounter though they will be Slowed for the next 2 encounters. Eating the moss in its active state is not recommended.

Firebloom - Found growing on cactus's in the Burning Sands these flowers capture the suns energy and use it to survive whilst also protecting the cactus. Many travellers use these to help survive for short periods of time in the desert., though Sand Ravagers are drawn to these flowers so they are not always a blessing.

Death Blossom - A very rare and dangerous flower indeed. It draws undead to it and seems to make them more powerful in its presence, has minor spell like necromantic defences and most importantly is one of the components in the spell for turning into a lich. Even the ground they grow in is tainted. Very Rare.

Breath Stealer - These bush's explode when someone or something comes too close and causes them to to choke as they breathe in the spores. Once out of the area this only last for about 30 seconds with no lingering affects. Sometimes used against spellcasters by those who have collected the spores. Common in most of the world.

Lung Blight - Very similar to Breath Stealers in appearance which has led to more than a few fatalities. They have the same effect as Breath Stealers. Whilst this is annoying it is a prelude to something much deadler. An encounter or 2 later the spores will begin to sufocate the target, with them losing a life point every minute until they either remove the poisen spores or die and a new bush will grow from inside them. Thankfully rare but usually mixed in groups of Breath Stealers.
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Plant Life on the world of Prime. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Plant Life on the world of Prime.   Plant Life on the world of Prime. Icon_minitimeWed Oct 28, 2009 1:42 pm

Minor changes to plants in bold.
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Plant Life on the world of Prime.
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