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 Guide to Eldred

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Kingsholme - King Golmans reign has grown in power over the last year and the so far the populace has only good things to say about him. He has brought relative peace to the land in the time after the storms though he is finding new problems with the Republic of Telmark and fears war could soon come to his shores. His decision to grant the Drow civil rights was a surprising move but stopped the tension in short order though many think that giving them the city of Esckar was a little too much. The great sarcophagus found in the city after the Demon War has proved to be a boon in keeping Kingsholme safe as it destroys any undead entering the city as well as banishing planars from the world of Prime for short periods. The only problem is that nothing is actually known about it, no magic can break it or even give a clue to its arrival on this world. Whilst the Elves have declared control of their own lands they still hold allegiance to the king and relations are good between them.

Halfcity - Most races laughed at the thought of a Halfling city...until it appeared ready built the day after the storm complete with over 1000 halflings. In the first few months they were attacked by roving bandits, monsters and even a large mercenary army and to the surprise of many they not only repelled these foes but earned a reputation that caught the Kings attention. He was more than happy to offer a hand of friendship to these new halflings and they have proven over the year to be stout allies and loyal to King Golmans rule. More than a fair share of the populace has magical or alchemical training which the King has more than a passing interest in with war brewing on his shores, new ideas for weapons or spells are being thought of almost daily and many mages spend a lot of time in the bright and cheerful city.

The Eleven Lands - A small civil war during the first months after the storms tore the Elven lands into 11 separate barony’s each ruled over by one of the Speakers kin and now they hold an uneasy peace. Only the Speakers timely intervention saved the Elven lands from being destroyed by border fights and assassinations of members of the ruling houses, though he is in ill health and many wonder if his death will throw the newly declared 11 Lands into a bloody civil war. The Speaker lives in the new capital of Solostran with those he considers loyal and trustworthy serving him, but he knows that any of his children would be more than happy to see him pass away so they may assume the mantle of Speaker. The Elves are still allowing entry into the lands though people have been seeing increased patrols and more checks being performed as they pass from one barony to another. Distrust and suspicion for their fellow elf is now commonplace it seems.

Znte-Kade - Unlike Halfcity this town was built after the refugees from Esckar banded together under the guidance of a Kzinte named The Tom. Using some considerable influence and supplying much of the materials to begin construction of the town The Tom has been hailed as a saviour for those who lost their homes to the Drow. While not a large town it has a formidable fighting force of Kzinte plus the town guard of the miscellaneous races that have gathered to live there. Traders find the town perfectly placed at the centre of Eldred and this seems to be paying off for the town in more ways than one, Znte-Kade is fast becoming known as the place to acquire rare and unique curios or supplies. With it being a short journey from the main river leading to the coast many ships dock to sell goods from around the world. The Tom is becoming a rich Kzinte and the town is growing steadily.

Dark Watch Citadel - A few months after the storms a huge earthquake opened a rift leading to the Underdark which was a concern to many on Eldred when the denizens of the uncharted lands began to venture on the surface. The King quickly called many of his allies to help repel these invaders and then set about building a defensive fortification to halt these incursions. With the combined efforts of the dwarves, drow and humans the citadel was constructed in record time and by the end of the year the combined army’s had secured the rift. Of late the patrols under the citadel have encountered more drow attempting to reach the surface, these have been handed over to the surface drow for help in attuning to the new world and then taken to Esckar.

Irondeep – The ancestral home of the dwarfs has been untouched by the storms, infact most of the dwarfs didn’t even know there was any problem with the outside world. While they are unsure of their new drow neighbours, the dwarfs have taken to the role of protectors of the rift with deadly seriousness. The mining operations under the Citadel have peaked the interests of the dwarfs as they have discovered a new mineral unknown on the surface, the drow have been offering advice but even they are unsure of what it is. Strange happenings have been reported from in the high reaches of the Fang and the Dwarfs seem to be planning an expedition.

The Fang – The mountain range known as the World Fangs has been destroyed and in its place is a single mountain that towers above anything else in the known world. The first scouting missions reported nothing unusual on the mountain with the exception that they could not reach the summit as travel past the snow line was incredibly difficult. In the last few months the Fang has been having strange storms raging across the mountain, strange plants growing and dieing in a matters of minutes and more unusual things with every passing day. Spell casters sent to help investigate these matters have been subject to power surges and miscast spells with more frequency the higher they travel the Fang. The threat of war has suspended many of the planned expeditions though the dwarfs have decided to attempt to reach the summit and claim the Fang as their own.

Roguestown – Hagan Grimm’s self declared free town is now a free island after the quakes separated it from the main land. Far from seeing this as a downside Grimm now has a secure haven for the scoundrels of Eldred to take refuge in. Telmark has been sending ambassadors to Roguestown in the hope of being allowed landing access for their fleets though Grimm isn’t bending to their demands. This is making Roguestown a dangerous place to be in at the moment but the populace seems to enjoying it immensely.

Molgram Keep – The former town of Shadowhaven was under Greenskin rule and fast becoming a formidable fortress thanks to the impressive leadership of Molgram Skullcrusher. But during the Void war the keep was over run by the armies of Selinia. With the fall of the Selinian Empire and the supposed destruction of the void, Molgram keep has fallen under the control of a powerful Void mage. All who attempt to enter the grounds do so at the risk of their very souls. Rumors are suggesting that the keep is now a place of learning for those who wish to walk within the Void.

Vengeance Watch - Molgram and his forces have set up a small fortified camp in the foothills of the Worlds Teeth Mountains where he waits and plans his assaults on Molgram keep

Worlds Teeth – The mountain range holds many secrets, stunning natural beauty and the sacred burial grounds of the barbarians. These grounds are protected by the tribes with a fanatical zeal and holy reverence. Whilst they still have run in’s with the unruled orc tribes, they have a truce with Molgrams Skullcrushers and this has led to a strange partnership which many of the other races view with a little discomfort. (Curently taken over by Selinian forces)

Esckar – The Demon War turned Esckar into a drow slave city for a period of time but the drow turned against the demons after some hero’s found out information that the demons would have destroyed the drow after they won the war. After the storms the King granted the drow not only civil rights in the land of Eldred but he allowed them barony rights to the city. They have rebuilt the city and now allowed non drow to take up residence as long as they have a useful skill to help the city. New drow arrive every few days from Deep Watch Citadel for lessons in how to survive the surface world, the ones who cannot adjust are advised to return home…some do…some don’t. Whispers say that these new drow are on the run from something in the world below, what it is they will not say and for some reason very few females seem to be coming to the surface…very few indeed.

Plymbury – Rebuilt once again after the last war, the city has once again returned to its former glory. Located in the so called savage lands of Eldred, Plymbury has become an adventurer’s city populated by merchants dealing in the necessary tools of their trade. Every day new missions and requests for help come in to the council and these are handed out to groups who they feel will best suited to the job. Whilst many never live long in this dangerous lifestyle others have found riches and fame that will carve their names into the history books of the land.

Withershore - Once a small fishing village on the northern coast of Eldred. It grew to into a small city during its occupation by the Selinians. After the war the Selinians fled back to their broken homeland leaving the new city unguarded. Now ruled by a powerful crime syndicate it is a dangerous, lawless place.

The Wild Isle’s – Tired of the discord and violence running rampant in what used to be their homeland, the wild elves has now taken over the newly formed islands to the north west as their own. Using their nature magic to build their dwellings and create a land for themselves has been a long process but they have succeeded. The new treetop city of Vine Reach is a wonder of natural grace carefully grown from the great oaks in the deepest part of the wild isles. The wild elves have been slow in admitting strangers to their new home but they are more open and friendly than the high elves at the moment.

Gia’s Grove – The only publicly know druid grove in the world is now also the headquarters of the druid’s guild. The island is off limits to all non-druids and any ships that venture too close are warned away by the elementals that the druids have as guardians. Very little is known about what actually happens on the island and no druid has spoken about it, many infact becoming violent when pressed. Many of the normal residents of Eldred wonder why the druids have secluded themselves and rumours are rife with army’s of elementals, secret rituals, plans to overthrow the kings and more besides.

Gia’s Well – Much like Roguestown the elemental lands were ripped from Eldred and now they are defending their new home with lethal force. All attempts to talk to the Primal Lords have been ignored, with few of the envoys returning at all. The few reports of the land say that there is a huge numbers of elementals living there, ranging from common minor sprites to huge unknown juggernauts. The land it self varies from area to area, one moment you will be in a lush garden and the next travelling through a lava strewn hell. A group of mages using magic to disguise themselves as elementals have been scouting the island slowly with their findings being examined by the Mages Guild.

Port Rawl – What was once a quiet seaport is now a frantic hive of activity after the slave revolt. The port has now increased the economy of the Free Empire but it has some dark rumours coming to light over the last few months, mainly in the slave trade. Now outlawed in the Free Empire and offence punishable by death, slave trading is now becoming an underground money maker. Tales fly back and forth but as of yet the agents of the Free Empire have found nothing solid.
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Guide to Eldred
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