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 Players Guide to the world of Prime

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PostSubject: Players Guide to the world of Prime   Players Guide to the world of Prime Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 5:06 am

It has been a year since the magical storm that swept over the world, causing changes in reality and throwing the world in to chaos. Many regions have weathered the changes well, suffering only a few upheavals whilst others have been reshaped and turned in to new lands altogether.

Eldred - Capital City: Kingsholme. The land of King Golman has seen many changes in the last year, most notably being the arrival of the Drow to the surface during the Demon wars. During the war the Drow took over the small city of Esckar and now they have been given full rights in the lands of Eldred as well as Barony rights of Esckar. Shadow Haven was ripped apart by a time storm and reality warped so that the Greenskins attacked the town many years earlier, now called Molgram Keep it is the centre of a growing Greenskin community. Relations with the other realms has changed little though tensions between the Republic of Telmark and Eldred seem to be escalating to dangerous levels with the fishing fleets now regularly involved in battles in the sea between the two realms.

Republic of Telmark - Capital City: High Telmark. One of the few realms to survive intact, Telmark has been mounting a bloody campaign of conquest across the eastern borders to expand their lands. Their attempts to drive off the Minators in Highmar and the Einraffer in the cold northlands have been met with little success, which has them looking towards the resource rich lands of Eldred. The republic is controlled by the Iron Guard of the High Telmark, a very well trained and equipped army that conscripts more and more people day by day. Telmark looks on the verge of war with one if not all of its neighbours.

Highmar - Capital City: Cessk. The Minators home was shifted closer to Telmark during the storms and this has brought them into conflict with their new neighbours. Minators have a code of honour in battle and they hold the Iron Guard in contempt for what they consider their cowardly ways, though they respect the Einraffer for their prowess in battle and this has led to them becoming if not friends then at least comrades against the Telmarkians. Whilst they may seem a brutal and warrior race they hold great reverence for the spiritual ways of the world, rumours say that they have even begun talks with the leaders of the Gia's Grove. The Outcasts that have been seen in other parts of the world are challenged to death duels by the more honourable of their kind when encountered.

The Withering - Capital City: Thragrimhall. Life in the deadly northlands has bred the Einraffer into a formidable warrior, tall and strong with everyone from the children to womenfolk trained in the ways of battle n survival in the frozen north. The High Chieftain has decreed that no foreigner may travel into the deep withering and this rule is punished by a quick death, though the Einraffer hold the Minators in reverence for their code of honour and has led to many talks between the races. Tales of great beasts, strange crystal monsters and magical lights dominate the hidden snow covered lands with only the most foolhardy daring to defy the Einraffer to seek glory and riches in their lands.

The Shatter Stones - Capital City: Haven. Blasted and beaten by the storm, the land has been reduced to a collection of island and small land mass's. The only true civilisation is the newly constructed walled city of Haven and even this is not what many would call perfect by a long way. Adventurers, humanitarians, seekers of knowledge and pioneers have flocked to Haven in the chance to explore this new land, though many never return to the relative safety of the city as they find the dangers outside too much to handle. Savage tribes, deadly creatures of huge size, poisoness plants, ferocious pigmy’s and other dangers claim tens of lives everyday with many of the islands still unexplored.

The Free Empire - Capital City: Capitalis. Once slave nation with little in the way of personal freedoms is now under a new government after the brutal rebellion by the slaves during the chaos of the storm. Whilst they are a poor and fragile land they have a fierce pride in themselves and have refused aid from many realms saying that they will rise by the power of the free mans hand not by the charity of others. The economy is steadily growing and many of the laws brought in to use are fair and simple. A huge portion of the economy is from the harvesting of the rarer and much sought after herbs that seem to no longer grow in the rest of the world. Whilst slavery has been abolished there are many who deal in the trade still, with many people simply vanishing without trace. Rumours of black hooded figures driving large caravans of black wagons into the hills are abound and fingers are being pointed in the direction of the shady Port Rawl, though nothing has been found by the government agents so far.

The Burning Sands - Capital City: Huzzah. The south is a barren and deadly place to the uneducated, and a place of beauty and mystery to those who live there. Under the wise and caring rule of the Grand Caliph, the Burning Sands is a rich and welcoming place though the laws he has imposed are harsh with many a newcomer leaving the realm with one less limb due to not heeding the laws. Any race can be found here with ogre and elf living alongside each other in relative peace, even drow and planar are welcomed and they are some of the less stranger. Djinns are a frequent sight in the land and are not to be trifled with lightly, all have magical powers and legends say that the greatest of their kind can grant wish's to those who prove worthy. The searing sun makes travel dangerous but guides can be hired for a reasonable price, and considering the dangers in the desert many would be wise to pay heed.

Port Gromstar - This free port is run by a half-orc called Lex Gromstar who has turned the once run down sea port into a bustling trade centre, though this is mainly due to the fact he has used his powerfull earth magic’s to make a safe passage through the dangerous Barren Ridge that separates the Burning Sands from the rest of the realms. Its one of the most frequent stop off points for all the trade ships in the world and this brings a large revenue which Lex uses to expand the city, it has grow to such large proportions that it is nearing being called a capital in its own right. While some of the less savoury customers use the port to deal in less than legal dealings, Lex turns a blind eye to these transactions as long as they bring no bad reputation to his city...and they pay a large percentage to him.

Desolation Plains - Capital City: 1000 Towns. A flat and almost featureless land that shows little sign of being of any worth to anyone. The nomadic tribes that roam the plains live off the land and surprisingly make a good living using the skills handed down through the generations. The main trades are Leatherworking; Weaponsmithing and staple foodstuff's grown in carefully guarded fertile areas. 1000 Towns is made up of semi-permanent dwellings build by each of the tribes, they each hold to their own beliefs, laws and there is a very little in the way of hostility’s between them. Unfortunately there are outbreaks of violence but these are either settled by single combat or the tribes will take the fight to the War Fields, here the battles are settled though most often than not some tribes are wiped out in these skirmishes. Whilst Telmark has started to take over the western borders they have found that the tribes have bonded together to form an army that if given enough focus could destroy Telmarks entire Iron Guard. This is unlikely to happen as the combined tribes only care that Telmark leaves them in peace, but they fight with a lethal passion that is causing a big headache for the Iron Guard.

War Fields - Over the century’s the War Fields have been the location of battles between realms and army’s of both humanoid and monsters of all types. The fields were first chosen as a location to bring battles by 2 kings of the old world after they realised that the devastation war would bring to their homelands, after this the name of War Fields was given to the area. More than a 1000 major battles and unknown skirmishes have been fought on the soil which now has millions of corpses scattered across it, lending more than a little truth to the legends of unending battles being fought by the ghosts of the dead in the deepest night. No battles have ever been fought in the night after the disappearance of two army’s led by brothers locked in a family dispute, nothing but the armour, weapons and supplies was found.

The Deathmurk - This land of rotting tree's, fetid swamps and deadly mist was originally only a few miles across until the storms spread the corruption far and wide. Now the air itself is lethal in some areas with bubbling tar pits and hideous perversions of nature thriving in the evil land. Druids have ventured to the realm to attempt stemming the spread of the swamp but little seems to help, its is as though something lives in the centre and is slowly growing. The so called Swampers who venture into the murk have brought back tales of things that should not be alive, nature gone awry and more than a normal amount of undead living in the deepest reaches. They say this is the land from which the mighty Liche King Terrelion first began his descent into unlife...who knows what secrets lie in the heart of the Deathmurk

The Jungle of Fangtai - Capital City: Mistal. Hot, humid and a death-trap to the unwary, this is the realm of the snakemen and their serpentkin. The Barren Ridge used to encompass the jungle but during the storms it just vanished leaving the spacemen’s homeland open to the rest of the world and now many are trying to find out more about the secretive race. First contacts have been violent and for the most one sided in favour of the Fangtai but in the last few months a more peaceful approach has been reported by some snakemen. Whether this is merely from curiosity or some higher order it is unsure. The city of Mistal lies deep in the jungles and is said to hold over 5000 Fangtai's, both the so called full blooded snakemen and the serpentkin who resemble humans with snake features. Anyone who ventures into this land should be wary and take plenty of anti venoms as it seems most if not all of it inhabitants are deadly with even the smallest touch.

The Fire Peaks - These once dormant volcanoes erupted violently after the storms and have not stopped in the year since. Passage across these peaks is impossible even with the use of magic as it seems that the land itself attempts to destroy the intruders, hurling lava and spewing smoke at anyone foolish to enter. The few people to survive travelling in this area have seen elementals of huge size and deadly temperament that no lore books can shed light upon.

Selinia – The once great Empire of Selinia and the home of the Void. During the last days of the Void war and with the emperor slain,a portion of the Void itself appeared over the stricken city absorbing all light. unable to sustain itself in a world of substance the void collapsed the resulting blast of pure magical energy sundered the land for miles around. who knows what manner of creatures now make their home in this twisted waste land and more importantly what was released from the void
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Players Guide to the world of Prime
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